From the very first day of business, it was clear that international expansion at JOSE SAENZ would be vital and that they would therefore have to export or else no progress could be made.

The company would face obstacles in every target market, but its founder’s vast experience in exportation together with the strong and solid structure of its internationalisation department have allowed the product to enter markets all over the world.

The company's brand is fundamental to JOSE SAENZ, as a good image is basic to reduce the client’s perception of risk and to ensure reliability in the service, thus allowing us to stand out among competitors.

The customer service department, together with a series of specific service points around the world, allow us to provide a personalised service and attend to each and every customer.

Fábrica de calzado JOSE SAENZ en Arnedo, La Rioja





Oficinas Centrales


0034 941385681

España, Portugal, Italia y resto de países del mundo

Christophe Trinel


0033 609902030

Francia, Bélgica, Suiza, Holanda, Alemania, República Checa y Montenegro

Andreas Giakomautos


0030 6944985475

Grecia, Turquía y Bulgaria

Declan McChesney


0044 2830263234

Reino Unido e Irlanda

Juan Ramón Quevedo
Lukas Javier Quevedo


0056 944694252
0056 978730128

Chile y resto de países de Sudamérica.
Neo Shoes john@neoshoe.com.au 0061 417923397 Australia, Nueva Zelanda y resto de Ocenía
Zunino Fabrizio zuninofabrizio68@gmail.com 0039 3482321072 Italia
Francisco Maragoto  fran@loiba.es 0034 629310671 Galicia
Damián Ciordia damian_ciordia@hotmail.com 0034 620984451 Aragón, Navarra, País Vasco, La Rioja, Cantabria, Asturias, Castilla y León, Madrid.
Joan Fernández joanklshoes@gmail.com 0034 647807764 Cataluña y Andorra
Manuel Rodríguez mr.capricho@hotmail.es 0034 630251221 Andalucía, Extremadura y Portugal

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