JOSE SAENZ with the RURAL brand also participates in the "HEALTHY FOOT” project, which we collaborate in together with the General Council of Official Colleges of Podiatrists and another nine companies related to health and welfare.

A project that essentially consists of MAKING THE POPULATION AWARE OF THE IMPORTANCE OF FOOT CARE, an afterthought at periodic medical examinations, where priority is given to sight or oral care. The aim is to make people aware of how to choose the right footwear and products for their feet through the recommendations of the PODIATRIST, a highly qualified professional.

And... why RURAL?

Because RURAL is an incredibly comfortable, multifunctional footwear which is suitable for intensive use and different dress senses. 

Because RURAL is a system patented by JOSE SAENZ, with a modern, natural and above all, healthy design. 

Because RURAL has a sole that improves blood circulation in your feet thanks to its air chambers, has a menthol aroma that gives a feeling of freshness and improves breathing, essences of eucalyptus with anti-bacterial treatment that calms skin and muscle conditions, and is made with a natural leather that allows perfect transpiration.

We think that the union of the hard work behind RURAL together with participation in this project can be an attribute that allows our product to stand out.

Because "to walk comfortably is not only a matter of chance, but of intelligence". 

Those who buy RURAL have taste and like to walk comfortably.

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RURAL leather shoe

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Tacon plano. PIEL 100% natural. Hecho a mano en Arnedo (La Rioja). Seccion confort, para uso urbano y rural, suela...