Aside from shoemaking, a restless José Sáenz Garrido began to produce his own oil, obtained from his own olive groves. An oil with an ecological seal of European certification and the "Oil of La Rioja” designation of origin.

     What in the beginning was tradition - giving Riojan wine to the collaborators - and especially being located in this region, we chose to gift our own oil presented in personal and original packages. Having received so much appreciation saying that the gift was special and that, above all, the product was of a very good quality, we decided to market our own organic extra virgin olive oil harvested from olive groves on our property, trees that are also cultivated and cared for in the semi-mountainous Mediterranean Arnedo region.  An organic crop unique to the area, grown with the application of organic matter and natural fertilisers, while maintaining absolute respect for the environment and natural surroundings.

In short, both our oil and our footwear are designed and manufactured for the most demanding palates and feet.


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